Vitamins....are we just flushing them down the toilet? 

Your health care provider tells you it’s important to take a multivitamin. You hit the nearest Whole Foods to pick one up because it’s still January and that New Years resolution to get healthier is still fresh. You head to the vitamin aisle and see something like the above picture and overwhelm sets in.

How much vitamin c does one need? How much do I need? What the heck is zinc and why do they put that in these multivitamins? It’s a lot to take into consideration. If you are unsure of what your unique body actually needs you could be literally flushing your money down the toilet. So how are we supposed to know how much of this and how much of that you ask?  Well, we need to test you for deficiencies. I recently took this simple blood test myself and realized that I was missing some key vitamins and minerals. Below is what my test results looked like. 

After reviewing my current supplement regimen I was able to adjust my daily vitamins to include the missing links. It feels good knowing I’m giving my body exactly what it needs and it feels even better knowing I’m not just flushing supplements down the toilet!

If you’d like to explore your health in better detail set up an appointment for a functional medicine consultation, we can determine your unique needs together.

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